We may not hail from down under (Australia), but our techs are going “walkabout.” Have you ever wanted some advice on how to use the software that you and your staff use every day better or more effectively? If you’re like most people you are using a fraction of your software’s benefits and features. Together we can help you up the ante.

While on walkabout, our friendly technical consultants will visit with your staff one-on-one, desk side, right where they work. Ask us real-time about how to do something in Windows, Word, Outlook or your favorite web browser.  Want a tip on how to be more productive or change a setting that annoys you?  Our technical consultant will answer your questions and help your team members become more productive with the software they already have—driving more dollars to your bottom line.  It’s not about us fixing technical problems, but rather about us giving a live “How To” for a variety of practical questions. It is almost like a real-life YouTube video made just for you!

Imagine your staff:

  • Easily updating their email signatures on a regular basis so your customers and prospects know more about your offerings.
  • Knowing, at the drop of a hat, how to create a new desktop icon on the Windows 8 or 10 tile screen or desktop.
  • Creating a template in Word for a standard letter that they use every day.
  • Merging your client’s name into an email blast using their Outlook contacts.
  • Thanking you for offering them a resource available to answer the technology and computer questions they are afraid to ask.
  • Knowing more about Windows than Bill Gates!
  • Being more productive every day and happier to boot!

So, how about it? Want us to go walkabout at your place? Give IT Radix a call and we’ll tee-up arrangements. As Crocodile Dundee would say, “Now THAT’s a deal!”

First published in our December 2015 IT Radix Resource newsletter

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