When your computer or smartphone doesn’t respond as expected, it’s frustrating. A recent study of workplace and academic computer users showed high levels of frustration and time loss with just daily computer activities. So, when an interaction with a computer or an application turns sour, it’s easy to understand the desire to reach for that baseball bat!

However, there are better ways to approach your relationship with computers. Optimally, you need to have a resource like IT Radix to minimize risks that lead to frustration. You can think of IT Radix as a hands-on counselor for your IT. We not only understand your business, but also your computer network and how you use it. Computers need regular maintenance and updating just like cars do. Ignoring maintenance only leads to disaster down the road—when you don’t have time to deal with it! Relying on IT Radix to perform ongoing tasks that minimize catastrophic events means less frustration in the long run! IT Radix takes a proactive approach to computer and network management. With our

Capstone, Cornerstone and Keystone IT Management and Support Plans, IT Radix provides client-customized approaches that fit our clients’ specific IT needs.

To eliminate IT frustration, IT Radix provides:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge – We understand far beyond just the basics of both your hardware and software. When we see an entry in a log or a seemingly benign message, we recognize when it needs immediate attention in order to minimize risk downstream.
  • Hardware Recommendations – Cutting corners can result in IT frustration and less reliability. We provide our best recommendations to clients on the proper equipment to purchase for their technology needs.
  • Backup – We see our role with clients as first to ensure their networks are running correctly, and secondly to ensure that their data and applications are backed up. Disasters do not provide advance alerts…having an ongoing backup is key to reducing IT frustrations. We invest a lot of time and effort in creating backup programs for clients and checking daily to ensure they are actually working.
  • Support at the Ready – We are here, and we are ready—when that mysterious window opens on your screen, when that application does not open, when your computer freezes or you cannot find your data. IT Radix is just a phone call away.

Whatever IT issue arises, giving us a call is much better than reaching for that baseball bat! More often than not, we can provide a solution quickly and affordably.

First published in our February 2015 IT Radix Resource newsletter