IT’s Time to Grow Up

The owners of growing businesses face a very real challenge where their technology infrastructure is concerned.  As your business grows, the IT solutions that once worked so well for you may no longer make sense.  Maybe you put a fantastic inventory management system in place that did everything you needed it to do, but that was when YOU had to take care of the inventory.

Where the Wild Things Are

Have you ever gotten so frustrated trying to locate a file or email that you, like the young boy Max in the famous book, “Where the Wild Things Are,” transform into a wild and malicious beast and wreak havoc on your computer? Ok, so maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but most experienced computer users have felt the frustration messy file and email storage can create.

IT Radix assists client with remote cloud solution for their business

A leading software application developer organization focused on the healthcare market has aligned with IT Radix because we offered them ways to increase their productivity, lower their costs, and provided a platform for easily scalable growth.  This forward-thinking firm delivers healthcare technology applications to its clients that make it easier for them to engage, connect and communicate with their clients.

MyAnalytics: Office 365’s productivity coach

Installing software that immediately boosts employee efficiency is any small- or medium-sized business owner’s dream. With Office 365’s newest dashboard — that’s exactly what you’re getting. And best of all, it’s directly integrated with your existing productivity suite.