Essentials of Nutrition – Office 365

Breakfast cereal TV commercials in the 60s and 70s ended with visuals of an appetizing meal with the voice-over saying “part of a complete breakfast” that included: a bowl of sugary cereal, juice, milk, toast and butter, and fruit (advertisers were legally obligated to include that last one). Looking back, it is hard to believe that anyone could really include Lucky Charms as essential to a complete breakfast.

The Jetsons Predict the Future

The Jetsons was an animated, futuristic situation comedy produced by Hanna-Barbera which premiered in September 1962 on ABC and ran for one year. The Jetsons lived in Orbit City, high above the ground in Sky Pad apartments. Besides the family, Rosie the Robot and Astro the dog may be the most well remembered characters.

Warning When Hiring Temporary and Seasonal Staff

Many businesses leverage temporary or seasonal staff.  The benefits are obvious—expertise and additional resources/capacity when you need it. With the advances in technology, utilizing these types of personnel is even easier.  However, what may not be so obvious are the network security risks; in particular, the increased potential for compromised sensitive data or loss of control of the data.

Stick with Us and You Won’t be Sorry!

The title of the board game, Sorry!, comes from the many ways in which a player can thwart the progress of another, while apologetically saying, "Sorry!" That may be all fun and games, but when it comes to businesses who don’t have an IT management and support plan in place, there’s only so much you can do to reactively fix a disaster.