Is the Internet the greatest cost reduction and energy saving device ever invented? It may well be!

We often think of the Internet as a source of information and/or a means of communication. But with the Internet of Things (the networking capability of the internet allowing for communication between devices), the Internet can now be viewed and used as an “appliance” or even “partner” to assist you in managing your office. The time to take advantage of this technology is now, but it’s imperative that you also implement the necessary security precautions.

Leverage Smart Technology

Leveraging this capability can be as simple as installing smart lighting and thermostat sensors. These detect a variety of factors—temperature, humidity, daylight, movement, C02 levels—and they continually adjust HVAC and electrical systems to optimize efficiency and minimize waste. Further investment in systems that store energy is another way to take advantage of these latest technologies.

Implement Security Precautions

Incorporating the above can make managing an office environment more efficient. However, since it relies on the Internet for ongoing communication of key data, it also exposes any site to the risk of an attack or a penetrating breach from nefarious elements. Therefore, the approach to implementing these efficiency devices must include a heavy dose of security. Going forward, physical and cybersecurity functions should be combined into one department or responsible individual. The time for two silos on this topic is behind us. The knowledge and collaboration needed to safely implement building management demands this approach.

Monitor Smart Devises Continuously

Additionally, putting smart devices into your environment means that they need to be managed and monitored. The days of purchase it, install it, and leave it alone are over. Make sure you manage all of these applications and devices off of some sort of central platform that can keep you apprised of the need for hardware replacement, firmware, and security updates. It is vital for you to know how/when the endpoints in your locations are accessing the Internet. If you have a proper inventory of your systems and devices, enforce compliance with your security protocols, and monitor traffic, you will be well on your way to safely using technology to run your office.

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First published in our August 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter