Be More Productive in Edge by Using Vertical Tabs

One of Microsoft Edge’s unique features is Vertical Tabs, which replaces the row of tabs along the top of the screen for a set of icons that run down the left side instead.

Vertical Tabs are convenient for keeping track of many tabs while minimizing clutter. Each tab is reduced to an icon. When you hover your mouse over the icon, a full bar displays with titles of all your tabs. You have the option to pin this bar so that it remains open all the time.

To turn on Vertical Tabs, click on the icon on the top left of the screen. Or, you can easily toggle between vertical and horizontal tabs using:

Ctrl + Shift + ,

Vertical tabs get even more useful when combined with Tab Groups that allow you to group related webpages and customize them with a name and color so you can easily navigate and work efficiently.

Vertical Tabs are a great way to stay organized. They maximize your real estate and improve browsing. Contact IT Radix for more ways to make IT work for you.

First published in our May 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter