Have Fun Incorporating Microsoft Teams in Your Team Building Efforts

Team building is one of the most important investment companies can make.  It’s simple—it builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration.  When the employees are positively engaged, it improves an organization’s bottom line.  In this hybrid world, team building is being put to the test.  Fortunately, you can use a Microsoft Teams’ platform of your choice that enables screen sharing, video and audio simultaneously.  Here’s a few that you may want to give a try:

Teams Meeting Bingo

Create a game board with behaviors that could be observed during a meeting.  Randomize the boards for each player and then decide if you want to play for a single meeting or over a string of meetings.  Meeting focus will improve because attendees pay close attention to their peers in hopes of scoring bingo squares.

Teams Trivia

Add the Kahoot! app extension to make it easy to play trivia games within Microsoft Teams.  You can select a pre-made trivia game or create your own.  After Kahoot! is added to a channel, login to Kahoot!, launch a game, share the game PIN, and let the fun begin.

Teams Pictionary

Split into teams.  Use a Pictionary generator to select a word.  Have a team member draw the word using the Whiteboard feature.  Start the timer and keep score!  Have fun and at the same time, practice effective communication within your team.

None of these ideas strike your fancy?   Ask us for more suggestions or search online for even more ways to use Teams to enhance your Team building today.

First published in our June 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter