Our IT Radix Team Members Love to Cook!

More and more people are eating at home than ever before. Cooking, especially when done for others, comes with some positive psychological benefits making people feel happy and connected to others. It also evokes fond memories and provides a creative outlet. Many of our team enjoy rolling up their sleeves and spending time in the kitchen too.

Fred loves how meals bring people together. He enjoys experimenting with recipes…adding spices and giving them his own twist. His favorite recipe is Tikka Masala, a hearty Indian dish. Patrick finds cooking relaxing and a great way to unwind at the end of the day. He enjoys cooking with his girlfriend, experimenting with spices and going “off script.” Paula likes how cooking is not an exact science and also enjoys changing it up a bit depending on her mood. For her, cooking has become a family affair…now that her grown sons play a more active part in preparing dinner together.

Ashleigh has fond memories growing up and baking with her mom and credits her mom for her love of baking from scratch—her favorite is her mom’s brownie recipe. She finds baking to be calming and meditative and enjoys gifting her creations. When it comes to baking, Eleanor questions why holiday spices must be restricted to the holidays. She bakes her favorite Molasses Cookies year round. However, she’s NOT a fan of washing dishes.

Whether it’s with a group or on your own, cooking does more than fill your belly.  It can also boost your mental and physical health—benefits you’ll enjoy long after the meal is over.

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First published in our December 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter