Our People Make a Difference

We are realists at IT Radix and understand that a lot of firms provide the services that we do. Many of these competitors are owned by folks we know and like. But a major point of difference for IT Radix versus the rest is our people. In fact, “Our People Make a Difference” is one of our nine core values.

The hardware and software that we put in place are often indistinctive from what others might supply. That does not set us apart—our people do! We are not committed first to technology. Rather, we are dedicated first to the success of our clients. And we do that through people, not machines. Through our communications and services, we try to figuratively embrace our clients with the dedication and positive attitude of our people.

We try to make a positive difference every day with our clients, our friends and families and our communities. Visit our website and get to know our awesome staff!

“Our people make a difference has always been my favorite Core Value. To me it means being part of a team where each member’s contribution is significant and meaningful. I came from a large corporate environment where it was easy to feel like my contributions did not matter to the big picture.”
— Mike Oster, one of our awesome IT Radix Team members

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First published in our September 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter