Hackers have targeted smart cameras for years. In fact, one popular smart camera system (the Amazon Ring) had a security flaw that allowed hackers to get into homeowners’ networks. While that issue has been patched, the risk of being hacked still exists. What can you do?

What You Can Do To Keep Smart Cameras Secure

Connect Camera to a Secure Network. Connect smart cameras to secure WPA2 encrypted, firewalled Wi‑Fi networks. Multiple layers of protection between the camera and the rest of the digital world is critical.

Regularly Update Your Passwords. Passwords for smart cameras, Wi‑Fi networks, online shopping, and more should be updated periodically. Creating strong (i.e., long and complicated) passwords and changing them every three months is an excellent way to stay secure.

Do Not Share. Contrary to what your mom taught you, sharing is NOT caring. Never share your smart camera’s login credentials. Most smart camera systems allow you to add a “shared user” if someone else (e.g., a roommate) needs access to the camera, without them having the ability to alter the camera’s configuration or network tools.

Opt Out of Amazon Sidewalk. Amazon’s wireless network, Sidewalk, is designed to connect low-power, long-range, low-data devices to the Internet that reaches from a house to the sidewalk. Essentially an open network, any device that is Sidewalk-enabled can connect.

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First published in our August 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter