Voice Technology is a Great Productivity Tool

Are you currently using the combination of a camera and microphone daily to communicate while working remotely? Then you’re all set to leverage the power of your voice as a great productivity tool. Most associate the power of the spoken word in terms of evoking a response from other people or animals but often overlook using voice recognition to generate a response from your computer, smartphone, or other device.

Voice Technology is Not Just for Smartphones

You’re probably already familiar with Siri or Alexa on your smartphone. But, did you know that these are built into Windows 10 and the Mac OS too? You can turn on or off Bluetooth, ask directions, read your email or text messages out loud, stay on track by setting reminders plus so much more. I often use Siri on my smartphone to send a text message, play music, to read my schedule for the day while I’m driving, or to tell me the weather for the following day. The same can be done on your Windows or Mac PCs.

Dictation is Built Into the Microsoft 365 Productivity Suite

Do you spend a lot of time typing? Why not leverage another option—talking. Dictation is available in most of the Microsoft 365 Productivity suite including Word, Outlook, and more. Once your microphone is enabled, simply click on the “Dictate” button and it is listening. It may seem a little strange at first, but it can be quite handy. You may find your written translation ends up being as natural as your spoken word. You can even use your voice to insert things such as punctuation, special formatting such as bold or underlining, special characters and more.

Reap the benefits of dictation software. Save time, make things more accessible for those with disabilities or seniors, and avoid health issues such as carpal tunnel. Contact IT Radix today to help unleash the power of your voice today!

First published in our June 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter