“I did it all by myself!” Parents are gleeful hearing their young children exclaim those words with delight after mastering a new accomplishment. It proves the youngster has the drive and individual passion to propel him/her through life. Doing it yourself is great for personal growth, but it is not the key to success for business and organizational achievement for professionals. The smart leader knows when to control or manage a process internally and when to lean on outside experts. This is why many managers decide to outsource their Information Technology needs.

Managed and Co-Managed IT Services Are the Key to Success

Let’s take a closer look at some of the hidden costs when IT needs are 100% managed in house. They fall into two main categories:


In-house IT management means interviewing, choosing, hiring, training and motivating IT personnel—not an easy task for those without real knowledge of technology. Additionally, there will be times when your staff professional cannot fix an issue or provide guidance. In those cases, you will have to pay for consulting and/or for a technician to come onsite. And without intimate knowledge of your environment, it means you are paying by the hour for them to figure it out and solve a problem that was created internally. On top of that, in‑house IT means likely more investment in capital to manage your network and probably a great variety in costs month to month.


In‑houses IT operators often do not have the wide range of knowledge or senior level experience needed to provide strategic advice and forward thinking necessary for success today. Technological innovation is rapid, and your staff may find it hard to keep up. Sometimes they find it hard to admit they do not know and hesitate to make the call to the needed specialist—potentially a disaster in the making. Alternatively, when internal IT staff are top of the line, they may decide to move on to greener pastures which means that lots of information and history walks out the door with them. That kind of expertise could be especially vital in an emergency or disaster.

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First published in our December 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter