Today’s small- and medium-sized businesses can opt for a co-managed IT services approach; that is, a hybrid arrangement that combines in-house IT knowledge with that of an outsourced provider. Rather than forcing a choice between an in-house IT department vs. outsourcing, this method allows for offloading some tech-related worries while maintaining control and visibility over IT assets.

IT staff limitations in size and/or expertise are one of the main drivers in businesses choosing to co-manage IT. A reason less often cited but equally compelling is protection against potential sabotage by disgruntled employees. Office revenge stories are common these days, and an IT specialist with control of the technical infrastructure of your business can wreak havoc on your operations.

One of our newest clients learned this the hard way. This client provides clinical support for the beauty and skincare industry worldwide. They had an in-house IT person who they decided to part ways with. Unfortunately, the individual did not accept the decision well and decided to retaliate. The employee absconded with all the company’s password info and posted the company’s Wi-Fi password on a wall where everyone in the building atrium could see it through the glass walls!

Since no one else had access to the passwords, IT Radix had to come onsite and take everything over manually. We supplied a recommended password list and audited their systems to make sure no other surprises were in store. While we eventually did recover full operations, the disgruntled employee managed to disable their email and website for one day in the process.

A partnership with your in-house IT department and IT Radix could be a great approach for your business. This customized combination of service and support that blends the benefits of a managed service provider with your internal IT resources lets you build a technology plan aligned with your business goals and helps you manage your day-to-day IT operations. Not to mention, it also safeguards you from the revenge of the IT guy.

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