SMBs who don’t outsource IT may still want to enhance their in-house IT support. Identifying technology solutions to boost workplace productivity, efficiency and innovation is a goal for businesses large and small. But IT is a big job, and SMBs typically can’t afford to have a large staff devoted to it. How can a small business keep on top of technology trends and achieve their objectives with limited internal support?

One way to accomplish it is by partnering with an MSP. IT support needn’t be viewed as a choice between having your own in-house staff or hiring an MSP. Bringing the right MSP on board to augment your internal resources can be a win-win for both parties.

One of our new clients was looking for extra IT support to supplement their internal staff. They were referred by an existing client; we always appreciate receiving that vote of confidence and treat referrals with the utmost care. This business was perfectly happy with their internal team, but needed coverage when people took vacation. They also wanted the option to bring a partner in for projects that required specialized skill sets or added resources to complete in a timely manner.

A partner, not a replacement

We met with the client and worked out a plan to enhance their in-house IT support. The plan allows them to access our expertise as needed. Our goal in these scenarios is to work alongside the internal team to achieve the company’s goals. First and foremost, we seek to develop a sense of trust and collaboration with the internal team that lets them breathe easy knowing we are there to assist them in whatever way we can.

By developing partnerships with MSPs, SMBs with in-house IT teams can benefit by gaining reasonably priced services, keep up with the latest technology and best practices, and receive strong support to maximize their success.

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