The holidays are here, and it’s time to slow down, relax, and enjoy the company of friends and family.  It’s also a time to strategize about the new year and think about what’s next for you and your business.  In celebration of the eight days of Chanukah, here are eight benefits of Office 365 to consider as we gear up for 2020.

Eight Benefits of Office 365

1… Productivity and Collaboration – You’re probably aware that Office 365 brings your team together under one unified solution, but did you know that 365 also offers coauthoring and live collaboration?  Two or more team members can edit a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or Excel spreadsheet at the same time!

2… Sharing, Storage, and Files on the Go – Move over Dropbox, there’s a new solution in town.  Security meets convenience with easy and direct file sharing—all you need is an internet connection.

3… Flow – One underrated feature that more small businesses should take advantage of is Office 365’s Flow.  Create a “flow” to keep your work processes streamlined and moving without all the manual effort previously required.

4… Teams – Instant messaging has become a business staple.  An IM is quicker than an email, and often easier to reference down the road.  Share files instantly, bookmark important IMs for later reference, and integrate your favorite productivity apps for increased functionality.

5… Meetings and Conferences – Did you know Microsoft Teams includes instant Video and Audio conference calls for everybody in your organization?  Just send out a blast IM and start up a quick meeting; it’s that easy!

6… Planner – Project management is a big task.  Microsoft Planner is included with your basic Office 365 subscriptions and gives you the organizational toolkit you need to keep projects on track with tasks, sharing, and project calendars.

7… OneNote – Have more ideas than you can keep track of?  Consider trying One Note, another service that’s included with your Office 365 plan that acts like a team binder of notes and ideas that are easily organized, shared, and available no matter where you go.

8… Flexibility – Office 365 is truly your mobile office on the go.  That means you can collaborate, co-author, share your screen, spin up or join a conference from anywhere with an internet connection.  Just connect to any Wi-Fi or hotspot and it’s as though you’ve never left the office.

Office 365 contains many more useful features than just the eight highlighted above.

Contact IT Radix to help you unwrap them all and learn how you can increase the value you’re getting from your Office 365 Cloud solution.  Happy holidays!

First published in our December 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter