It’s difficult to end business relationships, and changing IT providers is no exception. Though you may know that it’s time for a change, there may be extenuating factors that prevent you from acting. Perhaps you’ve invested a lot of time with your IT provider; they may have been with you since you started your business. And how can you be certain that a new provider will be better than what you currently have? Deciding if you should stay with what you have or go with a new provider is unsettling. It usually comes down to weighing the costs vs. the benefits. When the costs ultimately outweigh the benefits, the decision becomes straightforward.

One of our new clients recently tackled this very decision. A grounds maintenance and landscaping company with over 20 years in the industry, they had been using an IT sole proprietor for years. They were reluctant to switch providers even though there were some hiccups in the service provided. The sole proprietor was quick to respond in emergencies, for example, but less so for day-to-day issue resolution.  For non-emergencies, the tendency was to put a band-aid on it rather than get to the root of the problem. It was a nuisance, but the client tolerated it as long as their business operations weren’t completely crippled by lapses in service.

Knowing When It’s Time to Go

But then their business experienced a growth surge. They acquired a portfolio from another business that included Landscape Architecture and Estate/Residential services. At that point, what had been merely a nuisance became a threat to their ability to deliver on their clients’ expectations. Changing IT providers became an imperative.

IT Radix to the rescue! We came in and resolved the root problems that had been plaguing them and equipped them with the technology required to keep their operations running with little to no downtime.

As an aside, our new client provides grounds maintenance and landscaping for a townhome development where an IT Radix employee resides; she says the complex has never looked better!

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