IT enables business expansion in ways unheard of in the past. Today, technology can be a key component in facilitating business growth. For example, it’s no longer necessary to incur large capital expense to streamline operations across multiple locations. Advances in VPNs, remote desktops and the cloud allow for automatic information and file sharing with an affordable price tag.

There are many approaches to growing an existing business. You can expand into new territories, diversify your product line, or target new customer segments, to name a few. One of our new clients opted to buy an existing business to increase their footprint and tap into new sales and delivery channels. As it so happened, the business our new client purchased was already a client of IT Radix. Both new and existing clients were in the jewelry business; one in NY, the other in NJ. When our NJ-based client decided to retire and sell his business, the NY jewelry distributor saw it as a perfect opportunity to add a complementary company to his portfolio.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

This scenario is one example of how IT enables business expansion. IT Radix had been providing managed services for the NJ client. Once the business was purchased, the new owner needed a way to connect the two locations from an IT perspective. He wanted to be able to work from either their NY office or the NJ retail location as the demands of the business dictated. This required us to:

  • Acquire new networking and server equipment for their business software
  • Reconfigure their existing equipment
  • Coordinate with their business software company

We were pleased to be able to outfit the new combined enterprise with the tools required to access network resources from either location for a modest investment.

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