Deciding on the right IT Support for your business can be tricky. IT skills are not a core competency for most small- and medium-sized business owners, and these businesses rarely have technical pros on staff to gauge a candidate or company’s IT acumen. Even if you do manage to hire a qualified in-house IT person, they’re often so busy putting out fires that they have no time to proactively detect and address hardware, software and application failures that can cause costly business disruptions. So, while having your own in-house IT person might seem like an ideal situation, you could be leaving critical technology functions unattended.

This was a lesson learned by one of our clients. An award-winning, medical-based manufacturer of disposable head-to-toe Personal Protective Equipment, they’ve been trusted and well-respected in the industry for 30 years. Their success has been built on their core values of integrity, a true spirit of service and the ability to not only meet but exceed expectations.

What Can Happen When No One Minds the Store

Clearly, a company with these high standards needs to keep all aspects of their business running properly. When their in-house IT person went on vacation and never returned, they called us in to maintain IT operations. We quickly discovered many things in disarray. There were no best practices being followed, resulting in a multitude of problems:  No backup was in place, there were no passwords or access to some equipment, illegal software was being used, some expensive and unnecessary services were in place, and much more.

We implemented various recommendations to mitigate these risks. The client ultimately decided that IT Radix was the right IT support for them. They elected to sign up for one of our Managed Service Plans to sustain the progress we’d made and efficiently and proactively manage their IT operations moving forward.

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