What are the benefits of outsourcing IT projects?  You might be surprised to learn that even companies with full-time, in-house IT staff sometimes choose to outsource specific projects.  Perhaps it’s a large-scale undertaking with a short turnaround time that would simply be too taxing for the internal team to complete while performing their day-to-day jobs.  Or, it might be something that requires a special skill set to build that is not available internally or needed once the build is complete.  Whatever the reasons, there are many instances where outsourcing an IT project makes good sense.

One of our newer clients is a perfect example.  They are part of a global network of companies headquartered out of Germany.  As such, their overall IT needs are managed through their corporate office.  However, the U.S. team still has needs that aren’t met by corporate:  service and support of local projects, maintenance of licenses, equipment expansions, and expert consulting services.  When their team lacks the time or expertise, or when they simply need additional resources for a project, IT Radix steps in to fill the void.

The main benefits of outsourcing IT Projects with an MSP

  • Access talent with specialized knowledge
  • Pay only for what you use
  • No long-term commitment or extended overheads after project completion
  • Tap into best practices over multiple clients and industries
  • Maintain internal team focus on critical activities of the business
  • Have cost flexibility, as it is easy to dial resources up or down according to your needs

Installing new hardware (servers, switches, firewalls, new cabling and more) is a common project that companies outsource, and this new client engaged us to do just that as their first order of business.  Other common outsourced projects are:  Office 365 email migration, Security Audits and Staff Training and Testing, and setting up Business Backup and Disaster Recovery systems.

IT Radix handles a wide range of IT projects.  For more information on our capabilities and our free, detailed project proposals, click here.