Many businesses resist outsourced IT services including family-owned businesses. Family-owned businesses constitute an important and dynamic part of our economy. Ranging from two-person partnerships to Fortune 500 companies, family businesses account for half the nation’s employment and half of the Gross National Product. We work with one such business, a multi-generational family firm that specializes in single dose dispenser packaging. This client manufactures unit-dose and single-use application packaging for the Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Industrial/Commercial and Agricultural markets. Two generations have focused on customer needs for more than thirty years. And during that time, two family members had been largely responsible for handling the day-to-day IT services for the firm. One of the family members reached out to IT Radix after the company’s server was down for a day due to a failed hardware component. While the part had been quickly replaced, the family knew they had waited too long to replace the server.  More than that, they knew they needed additional assistance in upgrading their technology to meet the needs of the business.

Outsourced IT Services Allows You to Focus on Business Solutions

The original ask was for a new server, migration of all data to the new server and dual hard drive backup. Upon further discussion, it was determined that even more was required to improve network performance, ensure protection during power surge or outage as well as basic anti-threat software protection. We implemented a new server with hardware redundancy, backup, UPS and anti-virus protection as well as a new network switch. We were also able to assist the owner in finding a solution for secure remote access by implementing a VPN.

IT Radix was one of three firms that was asked to submit a proposal for outsourced IT services. Because the family members who had been handling IT were knowledgeable about IT, and because of the deep sense of ownership that comes with a family business, the deliberation process was thorough and detailed. The principals asked a lot of questions to make sure they had a clear understanding of how each IT services firm would service their current and future needs.

And in the end, they chose IT Radix. We are proud to provide them and other family-owned businesses with fast, friendly and highly responsive outsourced IT services.

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