A new owner of an established business often inherits great opportunity, but a host of unexpected problems can also come along. This happens even in a family business. The smart new owner attempts to learn as much as he/she can, early on, to uncover issues, minimize uncertainty and then act.

Information Technology Expertise Needed

That is the reason one of our newest accounting clients decided to enlist the information technology expertise of the trusted advisors at IT Radix. In this case, the father was cutting back and the son was taking over the business and planning on expansion. The new owner’s views on the power of technology were far different from his father’s. The “let’s get by” approach was not going to work anymore to achieve what the son wanted to accomplish. This new business owner asked IT Radix to do a complete information technology technical assessment and strategic review to determine needs and make recommendations. He asked us to look at age of hardware and software, voice and data services, internet speed, data security, secure remote access, update and patch status of equipment and more, such as how to leverage cloud technology.

Strategic Review and Recommendation

Our professional technicians completed a full review of his network and environment and identified a number of items that needed to be addressed such as IT and data security, end-of-life software, opportunity for voice services using VoIP as well as for updating some equipment and leveraging existing equipment for greater security and productivity.

Planning for Growth

Thanks to the assistance of IT Radix, the new owner now has an Information Technology Plan for the next three years. The “let’s get by with what we have” approach has been replaced by a proactive, strategic platform and plan that will help this new business owner achieve his goals. We are thrilled to help and excited to watch his business grow.

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