What is the most important meal of the day? How about for your computer? If you said Patch Tuesday, you would be right. OK, so Patch Tuesday isn’t really a meal, but it is very important for your computer’s health.

The regular installation of patches and updates along with regular reboots helps keep your computer running at its best. Updates and patches are released for a variety of reasons: security fixes, bug fixes and feature enhancements. It’s important that you allow these patches to be installed. Think of them as vitamins for your computer.

It’s also important to regularly reboot your computer. Not only is rebooting necessary for installation of patches, it’s also important to occasionally allow the operating system to “refresh” itself…clearing out stale memory and starting new. In a way, it gives your computer a break much like a lunch break allows you to return to work fully charged and ready to tackle the afternoon!

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First published in our May 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter