Knowing when to outsource tech support can spur growth and productivity

Small business owners often wear many hats in the day-to-day operation of their company, particularly in the early years when resources are constrained. Some who are tech-savvy, for example, opt to handle tech support internally rather than hiring external IT support resources. As the business grows, though, owners need to delegate certain activities, so they can focus on the bigger picture. When that happens, it’s crucial that they find a partner who will provide the level of support needed to truly free them up.

One of our new clients was in just such a position. This client is in the business of designing and administering 401(k), profit sharing and defined benefit plans. One of the principals had been handling tech support since the company’s inception. As the business grew, he realized that he needed to offload some of the work and hired an outside IT firm.

Having the right kind of IT support matters.

But he found he was still spending more time than he wanted on matters pertaining to IT. For one thing, the firm that they’d engaged did not provide onsite support, even when there was an emergency. And so, the principal and other employees were investing time in solving technology issues that could have been easily addressed by an onsite visit.

IT Radix proposed a new level of IT consulting and tech support to the firm. Our productivity standards include, among a host of other things, planned and emergency onsite support, as well as 1-hour response time for major outages and 24/7 monitoring to proactively identify potential issues. By opting in to this level of tech support, the principal could fully devote himself to the long-term growth and viability of the enterprise.

Computer problems cause interruptions and productivity loss. By engaging with a partner like IT Radix, our new client mitigated problems, reduced interruptions and regained focus and productivity.

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