Almost 30 years ago, Queen recorded a big hit named “I Want It All.”  We were reminded of that song when we first met with one of newer clients—a small consulting firm specializing in the civil, highway and traffic engineering industry.  Founded in 2007, this New Jersey based firm has grown dramatically and has gotten to the point where they needed to dramatically upgrade their infrastructure so that they could implement new business software, and enhance their security and productivity, while meeting their large governmental clients’ security and compliance needs.

IT Consulting and Support Enable Business Growth and Expansion

When we first met with this smart and aggressive group of professionals, they needed “it all” and soon we provided it.  They signed up with IT Radix after considering several other IT firms because we provided them with the most complete and detailed proposal while reinforcing our core values of client service.  Within a few weeks, we had set them up with an entirely new network—a new server, switch, firewall, wireless access points, remote access, as well as backups and anti-virus software.  They are well on their way now to even faster growth, and they are well positioned with technology to facilitate that and not hinder it!

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