You might recall the 1992 song, “My Grown-Up Christmas Wish” written by David Foster and his then wife, Linda. Natalie Cole was the first to record this holiday standard, but it was Amy Grant’s version that became the big hit. The lyrics showcase an adult writing to Santa and asking for much more than material things: the end to war, friendship for all and love that would never end.

While we totally agree and support the sentiments of that song, we do know achieving that for humankind is a tall order. At IT Radix, we have a Grown-Up “IT” Christmas List for our clients below, and we can help Santa deliver this list to them every day—not just during the holiday season!

  • Maximum uptime for all networks and operations
  • Speedy recovery and return to business in event of natural or technical disasters
  • Secure, encrypted communications—internally and externally
  • No ransomware or phishing attacks
  • Secure passwords that are changed frequently
  • Fast responses and solutions to everyday computer problems faced by users
  • Ability for our staff to work remotely with 100% productivity whenever the need arises
  • All your key emails, contacts and important appointments in the palm of your hand

Let Santa’s favorite IT company, IT Radix, gift you the peace of mind knowing that you are secure in all things IT related!

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First published in our December 2018 IT Radix Resource newsletter