Enable remote workers using cloud technology

An existing client recently referred a company to us who is in the business of measuring temperatures through remote-sensing thermometers. It’s a specialized technology that services a host of industries for whom accuracy and ease of use of these types of products are critical to the bottom line.

But internal technology issues were impeding the company’s overall productivity. The first order of business was rescuing the President of the company’s laptop from the blue screen of death! Beyond that, our initial assessment revealed that their backup systems had not been running correctly for months, which was addressed immediately.

Boost productivity using Office 365 for email, contacts and calendars

As we delved further into their business, though, it became clear that other technology enhancements could boost productivity exponentially. Since most of their work is done by remote technicians, we recognized that their Email, Contact and Calendar Management applications were not providing the level of connectivity with the main office that the workers needed to service their clients efficiently. The company’s clients rely on real-time solutions, as downtime represents potentially significant revenue loss.

We recommended that they update their basic email, contacts and calendaring using Office 365 and move them to the cloud. The technicians’ ability to seamlessly perform installs, repairs and deliver excellent customer support has been greatly enhanced by these changes. The company subsequently entered into a support agreement with IT Radix that ensures their key network architecture is protected from external threats and that a disaster recovery plan is in place.

When your business is selling and servicing complex instruments that deliver a high degree of precision and reliability, you need IT support that delivers the same. We are thrilled to contribute to the success of this new client, and grateful to the client who referred them!

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