All organizations need proactive IT support. For example, a newly formed NJ real estate law firm recently engaged IT Radix for all their technology needs. The firm was created by the merger of two separate law practices, and therefore, they carefully selected their IT support provider. IT Radix assessed their needs and recommended a new server infrastructure with a hybrid cloud solution.

Ongoing IT Support to Ensure User Productivity

Additionally, the firm opted for our Capstone IT management and support plan. This plan gives them unlimited support for all hardware and user issues. Fortunately, it was just in time—why? Because during our onboarding process, we discovered some serious issues with their existing server—our technical consultant described it as “near death.”

Data Backup is Critical

Our first priority: complete a full-image backup of everything on the server. As it turned out, shortly after the backup was completed, the server experienced a catastrophic failure! The client had no idea how risky their situation was, but when informed about the situation, they were ecstatic that IT Radix had them in good hands. They said, “Wow, you arrived just in the nick of time!” Subsequently, we have put in all the new hardware and upgraded their email services.

Now, this new legal partnership is focused on growing their practice by serving their clients rather than worrying about IT issues.

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