Unlike the tart taste of Sour Patch candy, software patches provide sweet results. Their intended purpose is to quickly push out fixes to known bugs as well as protection from ever-evolving viruses. Update patches:

  • Correct bugs within the software that make it perform less than optimal
  • Fix security holes
  • Add newer and more secure features
  • Remove old/unprotected features
  • Optimize the utilization of resources on the operating system
  • Update hardware drivers to increase software efficiency (due to the constant development of hardware)

When a new patch becomes available, it’s good practice to wait a day or two before updating. This way, any potential kinks can be worked out before you are affected. But don’t wait too long! One of the best ways to protect yourself from cyber threats is to keep software patches up to date! This applies not only to Windows software, but all applications and devices—computers, networks, desk phones, cell phones, etc.!

First published in our December 2016 IT Radix Resource newsletter