image-quality-advice-serviceClients of law firms demand the highest quality of professional services and responsiveness to their needs, and in turn, law firms expect the same from their vendors.  IT Radix recently welcomed into its fold just such a law firm.

However, this law firm was not demanding enough of its previous IT support firm, and they should have been.  The lawyers and support staff at this new client had been putting up with slow computers, out-of-date technology, hardware that did not work, software that put their business at risk, and more.  When they needed an IT person onsite to address physical issues, they waited days for a response.  IT Radix has only one word for that:  UNACCEPTABLE!

This new client has engaged with the IT Radix team to address these issues and to deliver our signature “WOW” service.  We have fully assessed their network and solved a number of underlying problems.  From there, we identified a number of other issues including gaps in security protocols, ways to leverage technology to improve productivity as well as the hardware investment that needed to be made over the near term.  This firm provides the highest quality professional services to their clients, and as their IT support firm, IT Radix is pleased to provide the same to them.  With the counsel, advice and service of the IT Radix team, this new client is sure to prosper!

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