image-ball-pillarsIf you were starting your business, what sort of foundation elements would you want to have built in from the start?  Well, if you were smart, like our newest legal client who is launching his new firm, you would want to have the most up-to-date technology available at your fingertips backed up with the support of a proactive, professional and responsive IT firm.  That is why our newest legal client decided to come to IT Radix.  He wanted a strong foundation of technology so that his business could leverage that and facilitate its growth.  In fact, the word “Radix” in IT Radix has its origins in the Latin word for root—the foundation of living plants.

This law firm is focused on the construction and development business and retained IT Radix to put in a new technology network—everything from computers to firewalls, switches, email and everything in between.  Smartly, the managing partner also engaged with us in a Capstone IT Management and Support plan to be sure that everything remains backed up, secure and running at peak levels.  Welcome aboard, congratulations and we wish you great growth in the near future.  We’re thrilled to be helping you achieve your goals!

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