image-firewall-shieldWindows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, laptops, tablets, phones and the list goes on.  With all of the various computers, devices and operating systems in use at a typical business how does one find a unified solution to protect it all?  The answer is actually quite simple, it’s with a hardware firewall.

Well, it’s not really that simple.  You must use the right firewall and get the right services to go with it.  A true business class firewall will always offer add-on services that enhance its functionality.  These add-on services are key to building a unified solution to protect all of the devices on your network.

Intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus and content filtering are generally the minimum services you want from your firewall.  These services will be subscription based so you will have to renew them periodically.  Don’t let the subscription expire, these services will cease to function if not kept current.

These services provide an excellent first-level defense for your network no matter what device is being used.  Stopping users from ever getting to that infected website, or blocking the malicious advertisement on a legitimate site.

So when you are evaluating a firewall for your business, make sure you are including the investment of these additional services.  At IT Radix, we have taken the guesswork out of this decision.  Every firewall we recommend to our clients will ALWAYS include these services, and we will make sure those services remain current.

First published in our May 2016 IT Radix Resource newsletter

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