image-three-bearsAt IT Radix, we believe in fun. That’s one reason we distribute these newsletters. They are meant to be engaging, interesting, informative and fun. As you can see, the theme for our newsletters during the first quarter of 2015 is “Just For Fun!”

IT Radix also believes in doing the right things that fit our clients’ needs and doing them well. Just as Goldilocks found the perfect porridge, chair and bed, we want our clients to find what we do for them to be “just right.” That’s one reason we write all this content ourselves too. We want you to know that what you read in our newsletters is customized for you, our readers, just as each of our work projects is customized for each of our clients.

We take this customized, “just right” approach from the beginning with each client. Our typical first client meeting is our free assessment of their computer network. It is not only a technical inventory but also an important exercise in questioning and listening deeply to the answers. Answers tell us how each prospective client approaches their business, how they rely on technology today and how they might rely on and/or benefit from technology solutions in the future. Back at our office, the IT Radix team then discusses the technical and business aspects of the assessment and puts together a customized proposal “just right” for that organization. Each proposal offers options to the client, such as our three IT Management and Support Plans. Each plan offers something different to fit client needs. We help the client identify the plan that is “just right” for them.

All through a project, the customized approach continues. It starts with a face-to-face or phone meeting outlining all the steps and determining optimal ways to complete a project causing minimal disruption to ongoing business. Once a project is complete, we continue to ask questions and follow up to be sure that what we have implemented meets their needs. We never want there to be even a hint of buyer’s remorse or unhappiness with any of our clients. We want to hear about issues and make it right…”just right!”

Some other IT firms put clients in a box. Clients must use only specific hardware or software, or buy a specific package of services. Not so at IT Radix. We will not dictate the terms of the relationship; just like Goldilocks, the client gets to choose!

If IT Radix were selling mattresses to the “three bears,” each bear would have purchased the mattress that was “just right” for each of them because we listened to each of their needs and provided them with the right solution. Just like we do with all our clients!

First published in our January 2015 IT Radix Resource newsletter