We are very pleased to welcome Ameridia, the American division of Eurodia Industries, into our growing list of clients. Ameridia is a dynamic and innovative French company with over twenty years of experience in the design, construction, and operation of plants which have a unique need for separation process technologies.

Interestingly this “separation process” company came to IT Radix because it needed an integrated approach to a wide variety of IT issues. The issues included:


  • An aging server that was implemented improperly
  • Poor Wi-Fi signal in the office and production areas
  • Out-dated Windows XP PCs
  • Email synchronization problems
  • Remote access issues and everything in between

In addition, a manager at Ameridia typically spent an enormous amount of his time each week assisting other staff with IT issues, losing of his valuable time.

The IT Radix team took a consultative and integrated approach to the issues faced by Ameridia. We are happy to say that things are working out very well for the entire team now thanks to our recommendations that were implemented.

In addition to migrating their email to a hosted exchange solution and setting up a new Wi-Fi network, a new server and workstations, IT Radix is now proactively monitoring and maintaining the Ameridia network with our Cornerstone IT Management and Support program.   This has reduced issues dramatically and has freed up valuable time for staff to focus on their key objectives.   To learn more about Ameridia, read about them here .