Our Favorite Zoo Animals

Amy – I don't really have a favorite zoo animal. I love them all! Lions and tigers and bears and buffalo and snakes, Oh my! If I was a millionaire, I'd have a sanctuary of my own for any and all animals—especially horses and pigs!

Cathy – I always like the big cats…given that I’ve generally always had at least one cat as a pet. It always amazes me to see the similarities between our domestic cat and the big cats—loving and yet fierce at the same time.

Christy – My favorite zoo animal is the Capuchin Monkey. I’ve just always thought they were adorable and funny. I went to a nature habitat once and there was one behind a glass window. It jumped up towards me and placed its left and right fingers on the edge of its mouth and stuck its tongue out at me. Then, its buddy came over to him and started mimicking him. It was the funniest thing—ever since then, I was in love with them.

Chuck – My favorite zoo animal is the monkey!

CW – My favorite zoo animal is the penguin, that is all.

Dan – My favorite zoo animal is the penguin!

Doug – My favorite zoo animal is the elephant!

Dylan – My favorite zoo animal is the wolf--because the Starks of Winterfell are cool, and wolves eat meat (just like me).

Fred – I really don’t have a favorite zoo animal. I can’t remember the last time I went to a zoo.

Jandy – When I go to the zoo, I love watching the seals and sea lions as well as talking to the birds in the aviary. I have fond memories of growing up in NJ and visiting Turtle Back Zoo (back when they would allow small children to ride the turtles). Now that I reside in Missouri, we have the best zoo in the country—the St. Louis Zoo! It’s free and a great way to spend a morning when the animals are the most active!

Jim – My favorite zoo animal is the gorilla!

Jo Ann – My favorite zoo animals are the Monkeys! I like to watch them interact with one another. I also really love horses, although they are not considered zoo animals.

Joe – My favorite zoo animal is the penguin! For Valentine's Day, I adopted a penguin for my wife at the Turtle Back Zoo.

Ken – I like the chimps, orangutans and monkeys. For some reason, I feel most at home at the zoo, when I am around them! I also like all the animals on the New Zoo Revue, of course!

Kris – My favorite zoo animals are the big cats—the regality of lions and tigers portray sheer strength!

Laurie S. – I LOVE giraffes...what a beautiful animal! I have a collection of over 100 stuffed figurines and collectables. I get to pet/feed them at the Sussex County Fair each year.

Laurie T. – My favorite zoo animal is the penguin. They are quite cute!

Marybeth – Although penguins are always at the top of my list because they are my son’s favorite, I love watching the gorillas at the Bronx Zoo. It's fascinating to just hang out and observe their "human" behavior and interactions. Conversations, nurturing, playfulness— it's all there!

Melissa – My favorite zoo animals have always been penguins. I think they are adorable, and I love their little waddle. It’s fun watching them swim and dive into the water; and, it’s so neat to watch them being fed. My new favorite zoo animal, thanks to my son, is the giraffe. He absolutely loves them! We have tons and tons of giraffe stuffed animals at home. My son just loves watching them…probably because they are so tall!

Mike – The Okapi is my family’s favorite zoo animal—it’s just as unusual as us!

Nina – My favorite zoo animal must be monkeys. My first memory of visiting the zoo was The Bronx Zoo when I was a child. I was so impressed with the gorilla; I still remember him sitting there. When I was a little older, I went on a summer trip to Great Adventure which concluded with a ride through the Safari. Again, it was a monkey that I remember most. This time it was the baboons climbing all over the bus! On both occasions I found these animals so much fun to watch.

Pat – My favorite zoo animals are the penguins. When I was young, there was a small penguin that would slide across this piece of ice. He would waddle back over where we were, and he would look at us and quack/snort like he was saying, “come on in, this is fun!” Then he would do it again.

Paula –My favorite zoo animal is the giraffe. They have a new African Adventure Exhibit at the Turtle Back Zoo which houses four tall, beautiful and graceful giraffes. Their viewing area is set up higher than the area that the giraffes are standing in so when they come close to the fence you are up close and personal to them. I long for some of their height!

Thomas – I'm not really a zoo fan...once you’ve seen one, you’ve kind of seen them all. But if anything gets me slightly excited at a zoo, it would be whatever animals seem to be enjoying themselves the most being watched for most of the day.

Tom – I like monkeys because they are funny.

Tracy – I like all the big cats (tigers, mountain lions, lions, cheetahs)!

Zach – I love going to the Zoo. I think my favorite is any big cat, especially the Cheetahs.