Our Favorite Tech Toy

Amy - My favorite tech toys are my Fitbit Charge 2 and my Kindle. I nearly always have both on me at all times. I love that my Fitbit not only helps me manage my activity, but has a “Relax” feature which is a 2-minute guided breathing exercise.

Ashleigh - My current favorite tech toy is definitely my Kindle. I don’t ever leave the house without it! But looking back to past years, I think my favorite tech toy I ever received was my Nintendo64. My sister and I received it as a Christmas gift, and I don’t think we put it down for the entirety of winter break that year. One of my favorite video games of all time (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!) was played on that system, and I played it nonstop!

Cathy - My favorite tech toy is my iPad. I use it daily for work and play.

Christy - My favorite tech toy is definitely my iPhone 6S Plus.

Chuck - My electric car—2012 Chevy Volt!

CW – My favorite tech toy is my RaspberryPi...so much cool stuff you can do.

Dan – My all-time favorite tech toy is the Nintendo 64. The graphics seemed amazing compared the Sega Genesis I had before that. When I lived in the dorms at school, I found myself playing my old N64 way more than any newer console. It will always be a classic!

Doug – My favorite tech toy is my Garmin Edge 800 bike computer–tracks distance, time, altitude and heart rate.

Dylan – My favorite tech toy is my Nintendo Switch. Now I can save the kingdom of Hyrule during my lunch break. And when Smash comes out, I will once again embark on the most sacred mission of destroying every single one of my most treasured friendships, no matter the cost.

Fred – I do not have a favorite tech toy.

Jandy – While my very first favorite tech toy was the Mattel Classic Football Handheld Game my brother received for Christmas back in 1977, my new favorite tech toy is my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now I feel uber “connected" and can take great pictures!

Jim – My favorite tech toy is my wireless TV remote!

Jo Ann - Flip Video Camera

Joe - Although I hate smartphones, I would probably say that I do the most with mine. Pretty much my entire online presence is through my phone—shopping, paying bills, researching, social media, etc.

Ken – My Slinky!

Kris – I am surely dating myself with this answer but… the Etch A Sketch was pretty cool toy!!!! Not quite what we think of as a tech toy today, but fun nonetheless.

Laurie S. – Although it's old, we are definitely a Rock Band/Sing Star kinda family for sure!

Laurie T. – My favorite tech toy is my smartphone. Can't leave home without it!

Marybeth – My childhood favorite tech toy was my Etch A Sketch! However, today, my favorite tech toy is my iPhone, with Kindle a close second–I am quite attached (sometimes literally) to both!

Melissa – My current favorite tech toy is my iPhone 6. I’m sure that will change when the next one comes out!

Mike – I would have to say that my favorite piece of technology has to be my GPS. I’m really not sure how I ever got along without it. No more calling for directions and getting lost. It is to the point now that I don’t think I could find my way home from work without it.

Nina - My iPad mini!

Pat Mattel Classic Football Handheld Game(1977). I was around 11 or 12 when I got this!

Paula – My iPad!

Thomas – It’s hard to narrow it down, especially since I grew up during a tech boom, which has given me so many good memories through the years. However, currently, I would have to say my Nintendo Switch is at the top of the list--bringing out the kid in me and offering such an easy and portable gaming experience.

Tom – A SATA/IDE to USB adapter (probably one of the most useful things you can have). If a computer ever dies you can usually get the data off of it with one of these.

Tracy – Growing up my favorite tech toy was my Sony Walkman. It was essential for long bus trips to school events. Now my favorite tech toys are my GPS, iPad, and smartphone. I still prefer these 3 items to be separate machines for the best functionality.

Zach – I love my PC and am always using it (probably too much).