Our Favorite Football Teams



Ashleigh – I don’t follow football—we’re just not a football-loving household. I’m more of an ice hockey girl myself.

Cathy – Hmmm….does none count? I watch football so rarely that I don’t really have a particular team to cheer for.

Christy – I don't really follow football as much as I once did, but I was a Peyton Manning fan. Now that he's retired, I guess I'd have to go with the New York Giants or Jets being a Jersey Girl.

Chuck – I like both the Giants and the Jets. But, if forced to pick one…Giants!

CWNY Giants! Home team!

Dan – I like the Miami Dolphins because they were featured in the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Doug – Whoever is playing against the Giants.

DylanCleveland Browns! I was an Army brat who moved to a different city every two years growing up and my dad was born in Ohio. You do the math.

Fred – I do not have a favorite football team.

Jandy – Honestly, I’m not much of a football fan. But, if I had to choose, I’d pick the collegiate UT since my hubby went to the University of Texas in Austin. Hook ’em Horns! During the Super Bowl I always enjoy watching the Puppy Bowl!

JimNew York Giants and/or the Minnesota Vikings.

Jo Ann – I’ve never been a fan of Football. However, my Dad loved football. He was a Jets fan… so I guess if I had to select a team, I would go for the Jets!

KenThe New York Giants because:

  • My Dad used to be an usher when they played at the Polo Grounds in the 20’s and 30’s
  • My favorite color is blue
  • I went to their games at Yankee Stadium, The Yale Bowl and Giants stadium as a kid
  • My favorite player (back in the day) was Fran Tarkenton.

In college football, I like the North Carolina Tarheels, and on Super Bowl Sunday, I also like to watch the Puppy Bowl!

Kris – I never watch football—no favorite for me!

Laurie S.J-E-T-S...JETS, JETS, JETS! No doubt I bleed (my tattoo) GREEN. My NFC team is the Dallas Cowboys.

Laurie T. – My favorite football team has to be the Philadelphia Eagles. I've been a fan since the Randall Cunningham days.

Marybeth – My football fan passion was at its peak in college—Go Boston College Eagles!

Melissa – Football is big in my house. I am a huge Giants fan and my husband of course likes the Jets. Our 6 month old will be subconsciously rooting for the GIANTS come this football season!

Mike – I didn’t realize that people rooted for anyone but the Giants. I come to find out that some people do indeed route for some of the other teams. Hmmm…go figure.

Nina – I watch football--the Jets, Giants and Rutgers--but do not have a favorite.

Pat – Pro—Giants; College—Notre Dame (The Fighting Irish); High School—Lakeland Lancers

PaulaNone. But, if I show up in the house wearing another team other than a Giants jersey, I will be thrown out!

Thomas – My support-until-I-die team for real football is Arsenal. But for American football, I am a NY Giants fan.

Tom – Don’t watch football or any sports. Sorry! :-/

TracyKansas City Chiefs

Zach – I have been an Eagles fan all my life, which is tough in North Jersey.