Our Favorite Cookies


Amy - I do not like cookies. I enjoy baking but not eating them!

Ashleigh - My favorite cookies are Russian Teacakes. My grandma always makes them at Christmastime and they are sooo yummy.

Cathy - Definitely Chocolate Chip for me!

Cheryl - Oatmeal Raisin

Christy - My favorite cookie is Savannah Smiles Girl Scout cookies, and not because that's my daughter's name but simply because they're awesome! Also, the Samoa Girl Scout cookies.

Chuck - A nice, plain, fresh, soft chocolate chip cookie!

Dan - My favorite cookie has to be a good chewy Chocolate Chip cookie! I learned that adding a slice of fresh bread to a cookie jar will turn stale cookies into delicious chewy cookies. Moisture moves from the bread to the cookies; it’s cookie osmosis!

Doug - Chocolate Chip

Dylan - Halloween Sugar Cookies. The brand is irrelevant; they all taste amazing.

Fred - I really enjoy a good Oatmeal Raisin cookie.

Jandy - Chocolate Chip are my favorite by far, but I also like my family’s Molasses Cookie recipe too!

Jim - Chocolate Chip

Jo Ann - Chocolate Chip or Ginger Snap…definitely with a cup of peach tea!

John - Lemon Cookies

Ken – I love Almond Crescent Cookies (the best ones are found at true JERSEY DINERS!)

Kris - Good old Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies–especially the way my sister makes them. I can never make mine come out the same way!

Laurie S. – Okay, this is a sore subject with me. I make the BEST peanut butter cookies, but I'm an an EPIC fail on chocolate chip cookies (even with tons of advice).

Laurie T. – My favorite cookies are Oatmeal Raisin. They are delicious!

Marybeth - My friend Melissa makes an amazing 7 Layer Bar every Christmas…she always makes me an extra batch! (Not that I could ever eat a whole batch of cookies by myself–ha!)

MatthewTriple Chocolate Cookies

Melissa – Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are the absolute best!

Mike – I would have to say my favorite cookie is probably my wife’s Toffee Cookie. They are delicious!

Nina - Italian Pignoli cookies! I love to pick off the nuts and eat them first.

Pat - I like soft, hot and gooey chocolate chip cookies!

PaulaDouble Stuf Oreos!

SheilaChocolate chip with nuts, especially the recipe by Claudia Fleming that uses ground nuts in place of some of the flour and has orange zest and cashews.

TomOatmeal cookies with raisins…yum yum!

Tommy – Nothing beats a fresh made chocolate chip cookie!

TracyOatmeal chocolate chip

WillAny and all cookies! Burnt, warm, cold, chocolate--you name it and I love it! P.S...Our own Ashleigh bakes WONDERFUL cookies.