Presenting: Tech Tips for the Business Owner

Thanks NJAWBO Metro East for letting me speak on "Tech Tips for the Business Owner" on Tuesday, March 3 at Toast in Montclair.

According to technology columnist, David Pogue, "today we are expected to learn to use technology via osmosis".

How's that working for you?  I had the pleasure of demonstrating some tips and tricks that will make navigating your devices faster, easier and safer.

What can the Russian Army’s ease of moving into Crimea tell us about protecting your computer network?

Who knows how this international incident will play out, but we do know now that it can provide us some lessons that we can apply to protecting our business and network.

Have a strong firewall to protect your network from the outside world.

Had Crimea had a stronger border, like a firewall, outsiders would not have access to their territory.

Email Management Strategy — Build!


This month’s email management strategy is: Build!

If you’re keeping an email because it contains contact information, track that data in Outlook Contacts or in your CRM, not the Inbox. Here are some tips when saving contact information in Outlook: 


First highlight and copy the signature information from the email.

Add Holidays to Outlook Calendar

As we prepare for 2014, automatically add holidays to your Outlook calendar:



Outlook 2010 – On the Tools menu, click Options, click Calendar Options, and then click Add Holidays

Outlook 2013 – Click File tab, click Options, click Calendar, under Calendar Options click Add Holidays

Email Management Strategy — Allocate!

This month’s email management strategy is:  Allocate!

If the email message requires action, categorize it by action needed.  If it will take more than 5 minutes, go one step further and turn it into a Task (be sure to split out each action step).

Any questions?  Give IT Radix a call.

Email Management Strategy — Automate!

This month’s email management strategy is:  Automate!

Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically file non-critical mail?  Highlight critical mail?  Group people together?  Memorize a series of commonly used steps?



Did you know that in Outlook you can: 

Create rules for senders who usually post informational messages.

Email Management Strategy — Segregate!

Email management strategies are essential to keeping your in-basket manageable and SPAM free.  Strategies will help you work more efficiently, productively and smarter.  This month’s strategy is: Segregate!

Keep your business email consolidated by banishing non-business communications elsewhere.

Add a Little Spice to It

Want to use less words but still get your point across.  Sometimes, a symbol is a great way to communicate creatively and makes using symbols even easier. is an online resource with characters and symbols you can use to spice up your Word documents, emails, tweets and more.