When Technology and Humanity Connect

Advancements in social media and mobile technology have forever changed the way we interact with each other.  We expect communication to be quick and to the point.  Breaking news is quickly tweeted and shared in under 140 characters.  People depend on calendars and alerts on their smartphones.

Mobile Technology Connecting the World

It’s no secret that mobile technology has come a long way since 1978.  When the first cell phone call (ever) was placed, Motorola’s beige-brick took the first step towards becoming the staple we all but depend on today. Connecting the globe one phone call at a time was just the beginning though.

Is Your Business Disaster Ready?

September is National Preparedness Month. I’m sure you’ll agree, disaster readiness is crucial to help you get back to business faster should a disaster strike!

Here are a few simple reminders for you to consider…

Back Up Your Data Remotely!  We recommend backing up all data to an offsite location, and we offer this as a service to our clients.

Fundraising Tools for Good

A donation is only a click away! Yep, technology tools are paving the way for people to donate more easily!

Today’s millennials grew up with technology, so being connected and tech savvy is in their blood. Equipped with the latest technology and gadgets, they are online and connected 24/7. So how should not-for-profit organizations reach out to this up-and-coming generation? Well, with technology, of course! Whether it’s mobile apps, social media or touching them where they shop, it’s time to get onboard and utilize some of these tech tools to help with fundraising efforts.