Saving Paper Saves the Planet

Sustainable Printing: Saves Paper, Money AND Our Planet
Sustainability... This is a relatively new theme that is rife these days—in the media, in governmental affairs, and in business of all types and sizes. At its core, sustainability is all about finding ways to meet the needs of the present day without compromising the needs of the future.

Thou Shalt Manage Access Securely

The 10 Commandments of IT Security
IT Security Commandment #5: Thou Shalt Manage Access Securely
It is late in the evening, and you are snoozing on the couch. Your phone rings unexpectedly and wakes you. You pick it up, “Hello?” and an unrecognizable voice says, “Help me! I am at your front door, can you let me in your door right now?” What would be your response? Most likely it would be, “Who is this!?” And, hopefully the person identifies themselves as someone you know as you run toward the door to look through the peephole.