File Sharing Tips for a Mobile Workforce

With the mobile workforce here to stay, so is the need for anywhere file access, file sharing and real-time document collaboration.   Solutions from Microsoft like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams plus the myriad of competitive solutions available today offer flexibility, easy access, and enhanced productivity.

See the World…

Don’t Let the World See You With VPN!

Whether you’re literally traveling the world or simply working from home, Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to create a secure private connection to websites or your organization’s internal network.
Create a Secure Connection With a VPN
These days, most websites support secure connections (i.e., “https”) which encrypts the information being sent between your device and the website itself.

Have a Cybersecurity Mindset

Make Cybersecurity an Ingrained Part of Your Company Culture
Your employees are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your business from cyberthreats.  Human error is one of the single biggest culprits behind cyberattacks.  It comes down to someone falling for a phishing scam, clicking an unknown link or downloading a file without realizing that it’s malicious.