Tyler comes to IT Radix with his bachelor’s degree in Economics from SUNY Purchase.  Tyler has some finance background and has extensive experience with customer service.  This helped Tyler make a natural transition to his role here at IT Radix as a technician—helping our clients with an array of problems and issues, and talking through the issues in a way that makes it easy to understand.  Tyler thrives on tackling problems and finding solutions!  When asked about his favorite part of working at IT Radix, Tyler responded, “The variety of work… being able to work in a bunch of different areas every week keeps everything fresh for me!”

When not working, Tyler enjoys playing a myriad of musical instruments including guitar, drums and piano!  His favorite musical genre is 90’s Alternative Rock that he grew up listing to with his parents—partly due to the nostalgia and the fact that he’s constantly discovering new bands.  Tyler also enjoys playing video games, and he loves to crochet!  A true renaissance man!

Tyler was born and raised in New Jersey, then moved to Portland, Oregon for a few years where he experienced the most unbelievable scenery.  Returning to his roots, he now resides in Morris County, New Jersey, with his wife, Karina, and their small Green-Cheeked Conure parrot, Kree.  He appreciates the convenience of living here and being central to everything as well as living closer to his family.  Plus, he gets to enjoy Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwiches, which he didn’t realize was a regional New Jersey/New York delicacy before leaving.

Tyler’s favorite quote:

It’s okay to be scareddo it scared. 
It’s okay to be unsuredo it unsure.
  Just get started where you are.

— Rory Vaden

Tyler’s personal philosophy:  For every minute you’re angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.  It will work out; it always has.

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