Adrialys comes to IT Radix with her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology and Systems from Montclair State University.  Adrialys has prior experience in IT and customer service which helped her make an easy transition into her role at IT Radix as one of our technicians.  Adrialys enjoys helping our clients with their various IT issues and guiding them through the solution process from start to finish.  She has been a great addition to our technical team!

When not working, Adrialys shares her home in North Bergen with her fur babies—a Russian Blue cat (Lucy), a Tuxedo cat (Charlotte), a Pitbull (Damian), and two sweet stray cats that she takes care of (Nene and Nani).  She is definitely an animal lover!  Adrialys also enjoys hiking and camping with family and friends, anime comics, reading and traveling.  Italy and South Korea are in her sights for future international trips!  One day, Adrialys aspires to write a book and compose a song.  “It doesn’t need to be popular,” shares Adrialys.  “Just knowing I completed a book and a song is a life accomplishment I can be proud of.”

Adrialys’ favorite quote:
Life isn’t about finding yourselfLife is about creating yourself.
— George Bernard Shaw

Adrialys’ personal philosophy:  Never stop learning.  There’s always room to learn and to become a better person than yesterday.


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