How IT Radix’s Services Are Helping to Bring New Therapies to Patients

How IT Radix’s Services Are Helping to Bring New Therapies to Patients

Partnering with IT Radix for Business Success

Insights from Ashleigh Palmer, CEO & Co-Founder, Provention Bio

Over my career, I’ve been fortunate to touch many businesses and know that a robust IT infrastructure and support system is mission critical.

Many years ago, I was in a turnaround situation with limited IT services. It wasn’t prudent to invest in IT infrastructure. Reliability, optionality, and agility were vital. We evaluated various options and were immediately impressed with IT Radix. They weren’t an arm’s length vendor, but rather an attentive, facilitating strategic partner.

Years later, while in an attractive, pharmaceutical start-up, we required specialized IT services 24/7. IT Radix became a factor in our success.

Assistance with Compliance, Data Management, Cybersecurity and Remote Working

While starting up a breakthrough pharmaceutical company in 2017, immediately we partnered with IT Radix. We needed assistance with compliance, data management, cybersecurity, and the ability for our team to work remotely. IT Radix’s responsiveness and adaptability as we grew over five years from the “development” with 20 staff, to becoming a 200-person commercial biopharma enterprise was impressive.

Embrace Outsourcing IT

Often, business owners shy away from outsourcing “IT.” But if you find the right IT partner, outsourcing is a competitive advantage. With responsive, personalized IT Radix support, we are confident our systems are compliant, efficient, and secure.

If you’re on the fence about IT Radix, remember, leaders need to be focused on the 20% of things that are responsible for 80% of the value. Worrying about IT reduces the ability to focus on driving value. By partnering with IT Radix, we regain precious time and resources knowing that a team of experts is handling the critical processes and systems needed.

So, if you’re ready to partner with an IT firm that truly cares about your company’s purpose, objectives, and success, look no further than IT Radix. They are mission critical.

First published in our February 2024 IT Radix Resource newsletter