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How to Overcome Adversity and Dream Big

With Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, Nick Vujicic

After nervously delivering a speech to his classmates, Nick Vujicic’s life was forever changed when an excited school janitor who witnessed it proclaimed, “You’re good.  You’re going to become a worldwide speaker.”

At first, Vujicic dismissed the kind words as the ramblings of a deluded older man.  How could someone see greatness within him when he could barely see it himself?  Born without arms or legs, Nick viewed himself as a prisoner of his own body, trapped in a seemingly insurmountable fate.  Loneliness haunted him, while questions about his purpose and even the meaning of his existence gnawed at him.

But the older man was relentless and continued to urge Nick to share his story.  After three months, Nick agreed to speak to a small group.

And so, Nick’s journey as a speaker began.  Captivating audiences, his story of hope, perseverance and triumph over adversity has now touched the lives of countless individuals, reaching a staggering two billion people worldwide.

Today, Nick stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit.  Defying the odds at every turn, Nick has shattered every preconceived notion of “what is possible for someone born without arms or legs,” from typing 53 words per minute to swimming to making his first million by 27 to becoming a husband and father of four biological children.

As the owner of three thriving businesses, he’s traveled to 78 countries for speaking engagements and become a New York Times best-selling author.  He is one of the best in the world at reframing challenges.

At a recent industry event, Nick left a lasting impact with his advice on tenacity, resilience and reaching one’s full potential.  What follows are highlights from his talk that will inspire you to overcome obstacles and dream big.

Align Your Heart, Mind and Actions

To achieve your full potential, Nick says you must understand the battle of the mind and connect your heart and mind daily to make sure your priorities are met.  Many people stop their life because of limitations they put on themselves based on their emotions, circumstances and/or societal expectations constructed from what people say or what they believe people think, which may not be true.  “There are no limits if you frame your mind to think that way,” Nick said.  “I’m not saying that everything is possible, but I’m saying what I thought was impossible was possible.”

Frame Failure as Part of Your Classroom

Failure isn’t an end, it’s just a step toward achieving our more extraordinary dreams and ambitions, says Nick.  “No one knew what I could do until I tried,” he said.  “And you can’t try without expecting to fail.  How do you become a professional speaker demanding six figures for one speech?  Three thousand five hundred speeches, 2,500 plane rides, and a lot of failures along the way.”

Don’t Limit Yourself

Aim for even greater success than the biggest icons in the world today.  “Don’t say you want to be like Elon Musk.  Say, ‘I want to do things bigger and greater than Elon Musk,’” Nick said.

Obstacles Are Opportunities to Go Through and Grow Through

Nick argues that obstacles are not roadblocks but stepping stones that allow people to grow and progress toward their goals.  Take the time to devise actionable steps to overcome your obstacles.

When Nick was born, the doctor told his parents that he would never have quality of life, go to school or walk.  Nick’s mother advocated for a change in Australian policy for special needs children, paving the way for Nick to attend mainstream school.  His parents also taught him responsibility and resilience, refusing to let him see himself as a victim.  “Figure it out,” Nick said.  “We focus on the things we cannot change to the point we become numb and disengaged that we never change what we can…  My mom changed the law for special needs children across the nation—an incredible full potential she reached that she never dreamed.”

Plant Seeds of Affirmation Daily

Nick was endlessly bullied and struggled to find his life’s purpose.  His parents responded by spending quality time with him and repeatedly told him, “Don’t listen to them.  You are beautiful.  We love you.  There’s a greater plan for your life.  Don’t give up.”

 “I didn’t know what my future held,” Nick said.  “My daily life was hard, but my parents were persistent in planting seeds of potential.  I’m glad my parents put in that effort for me because sometimes I didn’t believe in me.”

Never Stop Reaching

The beauty of life is that you can keep aiming higher.  “Steve Jobs died with dreams unachieved because he reached for the stars,” Nick said.

“I’m reaching for the stars and always will be.”

Nick’s remarkable journey showcases the limitless possibilities that unfold when we dream bigger and refuse to be bound by self-imposed limitations.  In the words of Nick, “Make a conscious decision to love yourself, to dream big and believe.” With unwavering belief and relentless determination, you, too, can overcome the seemingly insurmountable and carve your own path to greatness.

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