Technology Management Practices to Take Into the New Year

Ho Ho Ho and Happy Holidays! Here’s a jolly wish list, generated by AI, to make your organization’s digital dreams come true:

Evergreen IT Support Via Managed IT Services

Your network can be a winter wonderland by using managed IT services from IT Radix. It’s all about system maintenance, security, backup, and recovery.  You can also use cloud-based solutions to access key business applications and data from anywhere, even if you are stuck in a blizzard!  For example, you can use a cloud-based document management software like SharePoint that allows you to securely share and manage content with your staff, like a virtual Santa’s workshop. We are happy to offer you this AI-generated recommendation because it is what we do best! Our Managed IT Services programs deliver lower operating costs, access to highly experienced professionals, a flexible/scalable service, a secure and compliant environment, fewer headaches, less downtime and many more smiles on the faces of your staff. You will feel like it’s Christmas every day (or like the holidays…year round!)

Productivity Applications as Sweet as Gingerbread

You can use productivity apps that can help you automate and systematize your workflows and processes as smooth as Santa’s workshop! These can help you reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks, improve customer engagement, and streamline HR operations. You can also enjoy some festive features and themes that will make your work and your staff more fun and cheerful. Why do you think the elves are always smiling?

Our recommendations include Microsoft 365 for email, Office, and other Microsoft applications. That includes SharePoint to improve employee collaboration and efficiency. The elves have used it for centuries! You might consider Trello for project management, and RescueTime or BeeTime for activity tracking. These will help you get your work done faster and easier, so you can have more time to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones.

Computers as Fast as Santa’s Sleigh

You can upgrade your business laptop and business desktop to models that offer more power, storage, and customization than your current equipment. You need devices that can handle your daily tasks, run your favorite software, and support multiple monitors. You also want devices that are lightweight, sturdy, and secure. You can also enjoy some festive features and themes that will make your work more fun and cheerful.
At this point, we are recommending upgrading to Windows 11 after you have tested compatibility with your current hardware and software applications. The improvements made by Microsoft include many more productivity enhancing applications, an easier-to-manage desktop, and much improved security to enhance resistance to malware. Windows 11 also has a new look and feel that is inspired by the holiday season, with snowflakes, stars, and lights. You can also customize your desktop with your own photos and wallpapers of your favorite holiday scenes.

VoIP Phone System as Magical as the Holidays

A VoIP phone system is like a gift that keeps on giving, and it is better than a fruitcake! It uses the internet to make and receive calls. The benefits are greater mobility, cost savings, and many more features than a traditional landline. A VoIP phone system can cost up to $200 for the hardware and $20 to $30 per month for the service. You can also enjoy some festive features and themes that will make your calls more like a holiday party.

If you are already using Microsoft 365, we highly recommend a Microsoft Teams phone system. This has all the benefits of VoIP, plus integration with your productivity applications, video, recording and transcribing services, and more. Teams phones require Microsoft 365 licenses and calling plans. You can also use Teams to host your virtual holiday party with your colleagues and clients. You can share your screen, play games, chat, and have a great time. Teams is the ultimate tool for celebrating the holidays with your business network.

Portable Audio Conferencing

A portable audio-conferencing device is like a magic sleigh that lets you conduct high-quality meetings with your clients, partners, and team members from anywhere. You can connect it to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet via Bluetooth or USB and enjoy clear sound and noise cancellation. These are designed for situations where you need to get up and running quickly on a conference call wherever you are, even if you are traveling to the North Pole. A portable audio-conferencing device can cost from $100 to $300.

IT Radix is Your Trusted Advisor When it Comes to Technology Management Practices

If you would like to learn more about any of these technology management practices to improve your organization as you move into 2024, we would love to talk about it more with you. Contact IT Radix today. We will bring doughnuts and coffee, and maybe some eggnog and gingerbread cookies too!

First published in our December 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter