Will comes to IT Radix with an associate degree in Cybersecurity from Pensacola State College. Will has several years of experience working with electronics. His love for technology started when he was a child, taking apart broken VCRs and other family electronics at his dad’s urging. This sparked his fascination with computers which continues to this day.

Will is a true asset to our team. His extensive customer service background combined with his expertise in quickly diagnosing and remediating technical issues is appreciated by all. Will leaves our clients feeling happy and appreciated. When asked what his favorite part about working at IT Radix, Will immediately answered, “how everyone is willing to help one another.”

When not hard at work, Will enjoys many outdoor activities including fishing and snowboarding. He also loves to travel and is a self-proclaimed gamer. Will also loves cars—old and new—but his dream car is a Nissan R32 Skyline GTR.

Will’s favorite quote:
“Don’t look at your mistakes as failure but rather as
learning experiences to mold a better you.”
— Will Bonome

Born in Florida and being the son of an Air Force officer, Will had the awesome experience of spending some of his childhood abroad in Japan and Germany before moving back to Florida. Will now resides in Somerville with his roommate.

Will’s personal philosophy: Always have a contingency plan.

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