This year marks the 15th anniversary of IT Radix and I simply cannot believe how quickly the time flew. When we started IT Radix, Doug and I were in the middle of adopting our son, Alex. There was so much economic uncertainty and quite frankly, at times, it was quite intimidating. Thankfully, we had an amazing support system around us in friends and family and I am eternally grateful to them.

As I look ahead to the future, both at work and personally, I see once again economic, political, and environmental uncertainty. Fortunately, my support network has grown more over time. When I read the tech news about various cyber incidents and more, I often wonder what type of support organizations have to guide them through the maze of technology, potential risks, and pitfalls. We take great pride in educating our clients about technology—cyber risks as well as productivity enhancements and the like. While October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we believe cybersecurity awareness is important year round!

October 22nd is World Planting Day and it’s a perfect time to plant a tree, an indoor house plant, or perennials for next spring, and I will be celebrating it. In doing so, I hope that my actions will inspire change in others and in a small way ease some of the environmental uncertainty in the days to come.

First published in our October 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter