A Little Organization and Cleanup on Your Computer Goes a Long Way

All computers need regular organizing and cleanup. This includes the removal of old files and clutter. We tend to save emails, documents, and photos on our hard drives and too often keep unnecessary duplicates. Using old versions of programs and operating systems wreak havoc on your network potentially causing damage, disruption, or destruction.

Over time, files and programs that are unused on your PC clog the memory and cause confusion during retrieval and use of other data. They may also slow down your computer.

Review your files and programs on your computer and do the following:

  • Organize your files and folders by year
  • Review your emails and delete any that are no longer needed
  • Delete duplicate files
  • Delete old files and programs not being used
  • Update the programs you use

Computer Still Running Slow?

If your computer still runs very slowly after cleaning it out, make sure your operating system is up to date and scan your computer for viruses. Give your computer a little love and it will love you back!

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First published in our February 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter