Matt came to IT Radix with his bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and eight years of professional experience as an IT specialist. At IT Radix, Matt is affectionately called “Mr. Microsoft,” an expert on all things Microsoft related. Additionally, he handles security parameters, the onboarding process, and other technical issues for our clients.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys playing video games and going to the dog park with his sidekick, Scooby! Matt is an avid Oktoberfest attendee, soaking up all the seasons’ festivities. Matt enjoys carpentry, working on his car and watching rocket launches online. Quite the Renaissance man! Matt built his first custom computer at the age of 11 and perfected his skills at the age of16, building his first gaming computer.

Matt’s favorite quote:
“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
— Socrates

Matt loves the NY Giants and the NJ Devils. His favorite foods are Italian and Japanese, sushi being at the top of the menu! Although Matt lived in Pennsylvania for a while after college, he is a Jersey boy at heart, born and raised. Matt is an awesome uncle to two amazing nephews and lives with his girlfriend, Chelsea, in Bergen County.

Matt’s personal philosophy: Move forward to make a better life for yourself and those around you. Always travel as much as possible and encourage yourself to experience new things. Life is short. It is better to laugh than be upset over the little things.

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